Handmade customized shades; Duochrome, multichrome & Iredescent loose Pigments! Vegan, cruelty free and suitable for eye use as well as other cosmetic applications.Please note that the shades can differ in real life from the photo! The camera is unable to capture all shifts in the shades; in person it can differ slightly!


Shade descriptions:

06: Red bade pigment with aquamarine shift

07: Red base with blue shift

11: Red base with green gold shift

21: Red infused with slight pink base, lilac. / Pink shift, multichrome

25: Bronze iridescent flakes

27: Burnt deep orange multichrome with pink shift

28: Rich gold bade with light gold shift

31: Red base with purple shift

32: Deep red base with blue / lilac shift

34: Bright red base with pink / lilac shift

36: Iredescent gold flakes

39: Deep cherry red base with pink shift

42: Deep red multichrome with pink, lilac and yellow shifts

43: Burnt orange Iredescent Flakes


How to apply:


For best results either infuse the pigments with a liquid such as water (only a drop on the brush, then dip in) or a cosmetic liquid suitable for application on the eye. For longest stay, apply on top of a glitter primer for the eyes. When infusing flakes with water or other liquids, a metallic shade is created; when applying flakes on top of a glitter base, the flakey texture will remain.

The Reds & Yellows Duochrome Loose Pigment