The Winter Palette contains a combination of cool and warm tones- 4 mattes, 4 metallics and 1 shimmer! Inspired by the holiday season & winter itself 🥰Vegan, Cruelty Free, and made for all skin tones! Go casual, glam out, or make a gorgeous smokey eye- anything is possible with this palette! 



Santa Baby: Deep and Bright Red, Matte Shade

Grinch: Green/Brown Metallic

Spice: Deep Red/Brown Matte

Frost: Silver Shimmer with White Undertone

Spice: Orange/Brown Matte

Midnight: Navy Blue and Black Metallic

New Year's Eve: Golden Yellow Metallic

Solstice: Turqouise Blue Matte

Everything Nice: Red Metallic with Pink Shimmers, Red Undertone


The Winter Palette

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